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Prove the Authenticity of Your Product With Labels and Stickers

Date: 2021-05-11

One of the main reasons people order custom stickers is to draw their attention to a their product and in different ways. In this modern world, most businesses depend on the label as the first round of promotion, strategy and marketing. The rate of competition has increased as it becomes easier and easier to start. When people walk into a store, they are likely to look for a specific brand of a product because of the displayed labels. So, it is quite clear that many a times if you are convinced to buy a product, it is because it has an attractive label that communicates the features. Then you will realise that label and sticker are important ingredients to a successful business.

Stickers or labels are the first point of contact to an individual. So, ensure you clearly express your brand, and market your products with lot of style. When it comes to labels, there are as many different variety of designs, colors, types and styles as there are products on the market. With Treehouse Stickers, you can easily select options according to your needs.

Although the quality of prints and the materials used to print custom stickers vary widely, we print. Therefore, in case you are simply eager on advertising and marketing your products and on resilient vinyl at 1440 DPI, offering cost-effective full color prints even at small runs. When planning your new marketing strategy, it is a superb time to start using of custom designed stickers.

Everything we do is full color, and custom shapes are included. We kiss cut every sticker, so we can cut your label to fit your desired dimensions on your specific package. Pricing just goes by square inches. If you’re not afraid of a little math, here’s how to calculate:

Just take the average of the height and width and round up.

Square, circle, oval, weird amoeba shape, you name it. if you can draw a shape, we’ll cut your sticker to that shape, no extra charge. When you make your sticker a unique shape, it goes to show that your company and your product are unique too. Send us an email with your idea, we’d love to help you bring it to life!