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We’re your friendly neighborhood sticker people.

Welcome to Treehouse!
We proudly print out of the heart of the Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon.

Our speciality is working with small businesses, artists and artisans of all kinds. But we’re happy to work with companies of all shapes and sizes. Have a project you’re excited to share with the world? We’d love to help! Our pride comes from handling your projects in a friendly, professional manner.

Whether you’re a food production line that needs matte labelling stickers or an artist looking for a transparent sticker sheet, we’re here to help. We’ve turned stickers into:
• Food labels
• Mother's day art pieces
• Car decals
• Instrument decorations
• Barcodes
• Custom packaging
• Chap book covers
• Business cards
• Stencils
• Fliers
• Limited edition art prints
• And much more!

Tell us about your project!!

Afraid that your project doesn’t fit the mold? We know of cool places and companies where you can order projects involving screenprinting, buttons or an array of other creations. If we don’t have the tools to make your creation come to life, we’ll help you track down the person who can.

No project is too unusual or unconventional for us here at Treehouse. We are always interested in helping you make something cool and unique. We’ll listen to your vision. We’ll help you do the thing.

Bonus: We ship every completed project to you priority mail, and most orders have no shipping charge. We even hand-deliver to our local Portland customers for free!

Treehouse Stickers At Your Service

We’ll turn your design into one-of-a-kind, artisan-made creations in record time. Are you looking to make the ultimate sticker, something unique and just plain awesome? Here’s what to do:

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Upload your file or email

Step 2.

We’ll send you FREE proof within 24 hours, and a link to your order on our cloud-based order tracking system.

Step 3.

After payment and proof approval, your sticker will be shipped out in just 1 week or less (on orders under $200). Most orders ship in 5 business days or less.

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